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Lolita Wardrobe post 2018/19

Hello everybody,

first of all happy new year to all of you! I hope you spend the time nicely together with your loved ones <3

I want to show you my Lolita closet again but this time in a different way...I'll follow this...however I will not follow it strictly since I won't have the time to post every day (and if you look at the higher numbers it becomes more and more work, too). At the moment I'm at my boyfriend's and cannot take new pictures that's why I'll start with two later points on the list because I'm a little rebel deep down inside who screams "break the rules" *haha*

Starting with number 4: my first brand piece

Stock photo

This JSK is named George's Rose from Innocent World and was my first brand piece I bought in 2017 (already) and still own now ^_^v

following number 6: my favourite coord
I couldn't really decide between two coords so I'll show them both...

This is the Violet Skirt by Triple Fortune with an offbrand blouse...

This is Rosalie dot rose JSK by Bodyline and I really like the light blue together with the pink flowers and the spring feeling I get from this picture, however I probably slightly prefer the other one...(damn it I'm a brand whore...)

That's it for today...but I will just edit this post to not spam my whole journal XD


So here's number 1: my favourite dress:

This is Lace pattern OP by Moi meme moitie.
I had a hard time choosing my favourite dress because actually I like most of my dresses and I do like Scallop lace by Moi meme Moitie even more than the one I chose, but alas it doesn't fit so well on my shoulders, thus I have to bring it to a tailor before I can wear it (I already did on a wedding but afterwards my armpits really hurt...). That's why my favourite became Lace pattern - it's so comfortable! <3 Furthermore it was the first dress I bought for an international convention (Helocon in Helsinki) and my first Moi meme moitie dress * __ *
This is Scallop lace by the way:

Number 3: My dream dress.
Well...that's a hard one because actually I don't have thé dream dress and most of the time I found myself loving one dress so badly until...I get it...and then all the sparkling, dreamy thingie it had at first fades away ;_; I guess that's mostly because many dresses don't fit me directly, thus I need to bring them to a tailor before wearing (and I'm very picky with comfort - my dresses absolutely need to be comfortable! Otherwise I know, I won't wear them)...
At first I was so in love with Souffle Song's Wishing Stars JSK, which I still really like but as I became kind of brand addicted this doesn't quite fulfill my standards anymore plus I'd like to own more classic, not over the top dresses (except for Triple Fortune of course, who are the queens of OTT <3 ) and dresses I can wear outside of Lolita fashion, too which is clearly not possible with Wishing Stars (at least not for me).
However, I got the chance to wear it for last year's Christmas meetup and I don't want to withhold the picture from you, here you go.

Stock photo.
Then I fell in love with Triple Fortune's Muguet OP but when I got it, I noticed it's really wide on the upper body and doesn't really underline the waist which makes me look pregnant/fat, thus I'd like to have shirring in the upper body (as with others of their OPs) and I hope a tailor is able to make that possible. That's why I cannot really call this my dream dress anymore either and I did not get the chance to wear it yet (also because it's so OTT). As I named the dress here, I need to show it, too XD

Stock photo.
Then I got my hands on Metamorphose's Vintage Cherry Neckholder JSK, but as I seem to be kind of doomed this one doesn't really fit comfortable's pretty tight on my upper body/waist and I really don't want to rip it, thus tailor is needed here again and there it goes my almost-dream-dress. I don't have a photo of that one yet, just the sales post where I got it from and I am allowed to use that one :)

Oh and I just noticed that my first brand dress wasn't Innocent World at all! It was Metamorphose's Blooming Garden *whoops* This one also had dream-dress-quality at first but I had let it alter as it didn't fit - suprise! - at my upper body and still it's not comfortable, that's why I want to let it alter again by a tailor... (I hate that word by now). However, this dress I wore two times already - woho! And because I do have pictures of that, I'll show you...

Twinning meet with a dear friend. Picture is taken by Werner Krause.
I didn't post any of those twin meetup photos yet...I don't know why, probably I was too lazy xD

Second time I wore that lovely dress was at a private meetup. I had to replace the zipper since it broke (didn't do that myself of course, I'm not handy with those things).
Did I tell it wasn't comfortable? I hope a tailor can help me with that...
Well then, what's my dream dress? I'd say none of the dresses I own.
But I really like to get those two:

Innocent World - Royal Library High Waist JSK (green), it's really rare, so I have almost zero chance to get my hands on that one...and it's high waist which mostly doesn't look so well on me but it's the only version which would fit according to the measurements.

Triple Fortune - White Kingdom Skirt, I'd like to have the OP/dress version but I couldn't find a stock photo of it.
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